Targeting keyword variations for better ranking

Targeting keyword variations to rank better

Your best option for keyword targeting

If you’re like many companies that are not ranking for the specific keywords that you want, then the possibilities of you ever ranking for them are very low. You can try adding keywords to your content and hope for the best. However, search engines are crawling multiple sites in addition to yours. The problem is that your site is already outranked and will stay outranked as long as the competing website stays on top of their keyword strategy.

It’s possible over time that you can outrank your competitors but it’s an uphill battle that you may not win. We’re not saying quit trying to rank higher than your competitors, you can also focus on variations of the keyword.

Finding keyword variations

Finding keyword variations

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The difference between the main keyword and the keyword variations is that they have little to no search volume – so why even target these, you may wonder.

Keyword variation strategy

Keyword variation strategy
This strategy is an untapped resource where your website can be the first to rank on the first page of search engines. “But no one search for these types of keywords” You’re right! No one does – yet. But by focusing on keyword variations that have no search volume into your content, your website can start showing up on in your content that have no search volume, your website can start showing up on search results, which means that once searchers start using these keywords then you’ll be at the top of the list.

Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal Message

The fact of the matter is building keyword strategy is a long-term strategy and anyone that says differently is not using the right tactics. As mentioned if you want to start ranking for the keywords that have no search volume, you must start creating content around that keyword or keyword phrase. By using your content as the strategy and inputting those low volume keywords that no one uses but still consider valuable.

Remember that when creating content, don’t just write nonsense and expect people to read it. It must be useful and valuable enough that viewers want to read it. That’s when you’re subliminally inputting those keywords in their heads, which will make them remember and later use those same keywords when doing research on search engines.

And don’t just write one piece of content, you will need to write multiple blogs or articles in order to rank for that particular keyword or keyword phrase. It’s all about consistency man!

And don’t forget about paid marketing to reach more viewers.

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