A Good SEO Foundation

Search Engine Optimization has always been an afterthought for many organizations

When you think about Search Engine Optimization, you think about keywords and backlinks. That may be the case many years ago. However, SEO has evolved and continues to evolve now. But what can you do when your competitors are already in the game and are ranking well above you.

What is the honest truth about Search Engine Optimization?

While keywords and backlinking strategies still work, there’s still more you can do when it comes to your digital marketing strategy and setting a strong SEO foundation.

Starting with the basics of SEO

Keywords Strategy

When looking at a website, each page should play a specific purpose focusing on keywords related to the topic. This will help search engines understand what the page is about, which in turns makes it easier for search engines to rank pages.

Keyword Strategy
Keyword Strategy Mid

Meta Tags

Ideally, all pages should have unique meta tags starting with on-page which are H1 (main header), H2 (sub header), Description and image tags. This is important for web crawlers like Google in identifying what the page is about and show a clearer view in search engine results.

Keyword Strategy Mid

On-Page / Off-Page Link Building

On-page link building is a way to link your website pages together and guides viewers to other related topics on your site. While Off-page link building lets search engines know that your site is trustworthy and will, in turn, help your site earn a higher page rank in time.

Keyword Strategy

The honest truth about search engine optimization

Let’s face it if your competitors are already ranking on the first page of search engines, you have a low chance of ranking for the same keywords. We’re not saying don’t target these keywords at all, but focusing more on variations of the keyword and similar keywords topics that can help build momentum on page rank.

Not everyone searches the same way and uses the same keyword phrases to find what they are looking for. You must find a way to make other keyword variations and keyword topics stand out to your audience. This is a Search Engine Optimization tactic that most agency’s over look and don’t think of as it doesn’t bring fast SEO results. Page rank and page authority is not a quick win, but a long term strategy which take time to build and plan.

From quick wins and high traffic volume, paid marketing is what you should look too. Keep in mind that it’s not blast and hope for the best, there is also a lot of planning involved also like audience targeting, post content, location, imagery and other criteria’s depending on what paid platform you use.

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